Importance of Urban Redevelopment

Urban redevelopment is the process where an urban neighborhood or area with moderate to high density is improved and rehabilitated. Urban redevelopment also referred to as urban renewal or revitalization involves demolition of structures, relocation of businesses, relocation of residents, construction of modern structures, and the addition of new features that help in the social and economic growth of the area. Urban redevelopment is mostly aimed at improving the lives of the people and impact the society in a positive manner, but it may have negative effects as well. Therefore proper urban development planning is a must before embarking on any such projects.

Why Is Urban Renewal Important?

Urban redevelopment has numerous advantages and helps the community in several ways. Sustainability is the key to growth for any community, and this is where urban redevelopment plays an important role. Some of the ways in which urban redevelopment has helped many cities and states are:

Restoration of Historic Structures

Urban redevelopment includes preservation of old, historic structures that hold immense importance to the society. Remodeling old structures, demolition of unwanted or unimportant structures make the city look better; therefore the tourism sector can benefit enormously.

Reduction in Crime

Construction of better structures and installation of security systems are part of the urban redevelopment projects which helps in reduction of crime in the society.

Slum Clearance

Demolition of slums and revitalization of the community, by constructing new buildings, houses, etc. results in increased residential and commercial inventories. Therefore, there is an increased interest among people to settle in the renewed areas and help it grow economically and socially.

However, to ensure successful urban redevelopment, it is a must that the best urban development company is chosen. How would you ensure you work with the best company only? Let us see.

Choosing an urban development company

By looking at the following attributes, you can make sure that you work with the best urban development company and ensure the best outcomes that have a positive impact on the people as well as the community.


Experience matters and only an experienced company can ensure successful execution of the urban development planning. Therefore determine how many projects has the company accomplished; what kind of development projects has the company undertaken and their outcomes. Urban development projects are enormous. Therefore only experienced companies with appropriate resources have the capability to ensure the best outcomes.


When looking for an urban redevelopment company, make sure you work with a licensed company only. Licensed companies follow a certain code of conduct and comply with the state and local standards; this means you can ensure top quality effort. Companies without licenses can often be fraudulent and work towards their interests.

Previous work

Before signing the contract, it is a must that you take a look at the previous projects undertaken by the company you are considering. This will help you determine the quality of work and decide whether the company would be able to do justice to the urban development project.

Urban redevelopment is vital for a community. Hence it is a must that you make the right choice and make the right decisions.


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