How Are Urban Housing Designers Planning For Tomorrow

The statement most of the population live in villages is passé now. Yes! Modern men and women prefer the urban habitat that has a host of amenities to offer. It is imperative therefore for getting timely advice from reputed urban housing designers before initiating a project either residential or commercial. They check out the living standards of the individuals likely to inhabit the concerned area and offer suitable tips to follow.

Sure, it is up to the city urban design consultants as well as the city planners to formulate a strategy that will help the people to enjoy a prosperous and healthy life that is in tune with sustainable living as well. The recent statistics reveal that almost 70% of the population residing in developed countries is likely to settle in urban areas by 2050. It makes sense therefore to study the current trends prophesied by urban town planners and designers in order to plan for the future.

Shared Amenities– The younger generation today is well used to sharing their resources be it a car or an apartment. Strangely, that implies an increase in sharing facilities in future too with the occupants of a multihousing system being prone to using a communal kitchen or utilizing a single area for varied recreational needs. The future looks bright for collaborative working spaces that signify a greater appreciation of being able to utilize both public as well as private spaces. It paves the way ahead for constructing tiny homes with increased shared areas.

Socializing– Hosting a party at home or sharing meals together with the extended family and friends is likely to become a thing of past as more and more people living in smaller homes confined to just a room are likely to socialize in public areas. A restaurant is possibly going to double up as one’s living room with bigger houses being transformed into home restaurants as well. It is thus going to be a two-way street for the consumer of future and urban planners have already started taking baby steps to meet the need eventually.

Offices– With home offices enjoying a new found popularity, the traditional work place has already started disappearing from the scene. The professionals engaged in designing urban settlements are definite that the office will have no resemblance whatsoever to the strictly formal environment in vogue so long but will slowly give way to living rooms or study and library like rooms where the design is likely to focus strictly on the type of work being done there.

Stores– Shopping for essentials along with a few non essentials happened to be a pleasurable exercise once upon a time. Not so anymore! The future augurs well for setting up stores in every block but the residents will just not be able to find the time to shop. With smart technology taking over and refrigerators talking to kitchen appliances, all essentials will be dropped on the door step to be picked up and used at leisure.

Urban living is expected to undergo a revolution of sorts shortly in order to adapt to the futuristic technology oriented lifestyle of tomorrow.


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